Staying aligned - the foundation of healing

September 11 2020
Staying aligned - the foundation of healing

How often do you find yourself resisting your current circumstances by thinking, if only this or that would change or happen, then I would feel better? Or feeling lost for your life purpose?

We all expect life to be certain ways as we grow up or we are expected to do certain things at different times in our life. There is always something to worry about or another unexpected thing that happens.  We gain control of our lives by choosing joy and aligning with Source and the rhythm of nature. 

This alignment provides stability and trust in ourselves, so we don't continue to wait for the outside world to change so we can feel good.  When our mind, body and spirit are aligned and whole, the circumstances of life and the world around us have less influence on our wellbeing. The quest to heal means remembering who we are, why we are here and what truly touches our heart.

Being aligned is not difficult, but it does require focusing on the things that bring us joy or that are important to us, listening to our hearts, our unconditional self so as to connect with the life-giving energy of Source.

Having treatment sessions with our acupuncturist Mary Chan, (a practitioner following the lineage of Classical Chinese Medicine) might help you to find peace.  She will focus not only your main complaint (usually a physical symptom), but also she will be able to help you to find yourself (aka your blueprint) so that you may live your life to the fullest potential.  Contact us for a free 15-minute acupuncture consultation.