The Activator

October 28 2021
The Activator

The activator technique

Chiropractic care is normally ‘hand delivered’ however sometimes the chiropractor will use a tool called an Activator. This is a small spring- loaded mechanical instrument which delivers a low impact pulse to certain points.

Activator method treatment

The technique follows a protocol and the Chiropractor uses certain markers to decide where to deliver the impulse. You can often see your Chiropractor checking your leg length several times during your appointment as it is often the biggest indicator.

Why does the chiropractor use the activator?

Chiropractors often use this technique if there is a misalignment in the spine for example, where some joints are not moving as well as they could be.

As the impulse delivered is high-speed the body’s muscles are less likely to tense in response and resist the treatment.  As the applied force is localised and you do not need to bend or twist, many patients find this more comfortable.

What does it feel like?

You will feel an initial pressure followed by a quick impulse and often you will hear a click. Most of the time you will be still for the adjustment.
The Activator technique is one of the most comfortable interventions due to its low impact.